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Modeling the Mind

A special issue of Science: Modeling the Mind

Of Bytes and Brains
Peter Stern and John Travis
p. 75

An Enterprising Approach to Brain Science
Greg Miller
p. 76

Vision's Grand Theorist
Ingrid Wickelgren
p. 78

Modeling the Mind: Review

Modeling Single-Neuron Dynamics and Computations: A Balance of Detail and Abstraction
Andreas V. M. Herz, Tim Gollisch, Christian K. Machens, and Dieter Jaeger
p. 80

Neuronal Computations with Stochastic Network States
Alain Destexhe and Diego Contreras
p. 85

Biologically Based Computational Models of High-Level Cognition
Randall C. O'Reilly
p. 91