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Cognitive Decision-Making: Empirical and Foundational Issues

I recently edited a book at Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK), entitled "Cognitive Decision-Making: Empirical and Foundational Issues". It is based on a conference I organized in Montreal 2 years ago, Cognitio 2005. Papers in philosophy, psychology, biology and neuroscience discuss different dimension of decision-making. You can read the introduction online, or buy it online. Here is the table of content. Enjoy !
Introduction ix
Benoit Hardy-Vallee

Chapter One 1
Natural Decision
Florian Ferrand

Chapter Two 15
EEG Timing andLibertarianism
Darren Abramson

Chapter Three 25
Statistical Decision and Falsification in Science :
Going Beyond the Null Hypothesis
Dominic Beaulieu-Prévost

Chapter Four 36
Embodied Decisions: Models of Decision Making within a Larger
Cognitive Framework
Terrence C. Stewart

Chapter Five 48
How do Ants and Social Caterpillars Collectively Make Decisions
Audrey Dussutour, Nadia Colasurdo, Stamatios C. Nicolis
and Emma Despland

Chapter Six 66
Spontaneous Decision-Making in Conversation: Variations across Media
Roxanne Beaugh Benoit

Chapter Seven 79
Uncertainty, Risk, and Illusion in Reward Prediction: Evidence from fMRI
Ahmad Sohrabi, Andra M. Smith, Robert L. West and Ian Cameron