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The Journal of Neuroeconomics

Discovery: the Society for Neuroeconomics will launch a journal in 2009, aptly named The Journal of Neuroeconomics:

The Journal of Neuroeconomics is the premier publication venue for presenting scholarly research in Neuroeconomics. An official publication of the Society for Neuroeconomics, it reaches an interdisciplinary target audience of Neurobiologists, Economists and Psychologists. The journal publishes commissioned review articles and original research articles which pass a rigorous peer-review process. The journal also publishes the abstracts of the Society's annual meeting.

Initially, the journal will be published quarterly beginning in 2009 and shortly before that time an Editor-In-Chief will be named by the President of the Society. The Journal will distributed at reduced cost to members of the Society and available by subscription.

If you're interested in receiving subscription information, please fill out the following information: (cf. form)

The 2007 meeting of the Society will be hold in Hull, Mass., this fall. Info here.