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Dear readers,

please note that my homepage ( is currently down (or on-and-off) due to my horrible web hosting provider (Centrale internet). DO NOT EVER buy a domain with them, they put the domain at their name, and hence you are no longer the owner of the domain. That is fraud. They offer a crappy service--when they reply--and will probably be sued for their fraudulent practices (people are organizing a class action). Hence I will be hosted soon somewhere else and will have another URL. This blog will not move, but links to my homepage will be down for a day or two. I'll communicate my new address soon.

NEVER do business with them. See these horror stories (in French):


Michael said...

How to quit La Centrale Internet

J'ai aussi été attaché à La Centrale Internet pendant trop longtemps! J'ai réussi à m'en sortir et à récupérer mes noms de domaine sans trop de problème. J'ai écrit une page web pour vous expliquer comment faire sans trop de difficulté:

Si vous suivez ces 4 étapes à la lettre, vous devriez bien vous en sortir!