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The Stuff of Thought

Unless you live on a desert island, you might have heard of Steven Pinker's new book, The Stuff of Thought. Language as a Window into Human Nature.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, here are an excerpt online, a book review and an interview.

Last but not least, two video lectures of Pinker at Ted Talks (an amazing collection of lecture by great scholars):

" In an exclusive preview of his new book, The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker looks at language, and the way it expresses the workings of our minds. By analyzing common sentences and words, he shows us how, in what we say and how we say it, we're communicating much more than we realize."

"In a preview of his next book, Steven Pinker takes on violence. We live in violent times, an era of heightened warfare, genocide and senseless crime. Or so we've come to believe. Pinker charts a history of violence from Biblical times through the present, and says modern society has a little less to feel guilty about."