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BPR3 and a Special Issue of Science on Decision-Making

BPR3 refers to Blogging on Peer Reviewed Research Reporting; bloggers who write "serious academic blog posts about peer-reviewed research" are invited to identify those posts by displaying an icon. The project "came about because several academic bloggers in different fields saw the need to distinguish their "serious" writing from news, politics, family, bagpipes, and so on." See instructions at The idea is to have a mean to sort the wheat from the shaft, and also to aggregate those posts.

Also, a great special issue of Science on Decision-making:

  • Anterior Prefrontal Function and the Limits of Human Decision-Making
    Etienne Koechlin, Alexandre Hyafil
  • Social Decision-Making: Insights from Game Theory and Neuroscience
    Alan G. Sanfey
  • Decision-Making Dysfunctions in Psychiatry—Altered Homeostatic Processing?
    Martin P. Paulus
  • Decision Theory: What “Should” the Nervous System Do?
    Konrad Körding