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A few papers on decision, the brain, and morality

A few papers worth reading:

A study on meta-ethics beleifs (how people see ethical claims):

Important for anyone interested in neuroscience: to a non-expert public, seeing a picture of a brain biases people to give more credibility to a piece of information:

Social cognition: it begins with goal recognition

Jesse Prinz's new book (in a nutshell: morality is emotional and relative to a culture)

Forthcoming in the new journal Neuroethics:

A study on Chimpanzee barter behavior:

  • Brosnan, S. F., Grady, M. F., Lambeth, S. P., Schapiro, S. J., & Beran, M. J. (2008). Chimpanzee autarky, PLoS ONE, 3(1), e1518.