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The Neuroeconomics of Social Norms: A Neo-Rationalist Account

A project I am working on, and my first Latex document (see here for more details on Latex):
If you cannot see the file here, download it there.


Anibal said...

Mr. Benoit, perhaps you are interested in the following summer workshop:

XI Summer School on Economics and Philosophy: SOCIAL NORMS

San Sebastian (Spain), 14-17 July 2008

Director: Cristina Bicchieri (UPenn)

Coordinators: Alfonso Dubois (UPV), David Teira & Jesús Zamora (UNED)

Preliminary list of speakers: Jason Alexander (LSE), Daniel Andler
(Paris IV-ENS), Cristina Bicchieri (UPenn), Pablo Brañas (Ugr), Jordi
Brandts (CSIC), Cristiano Castelfranchi (ISTC- CNR), Jason Dana
(UPenn), Jon Elster (College de France), Diego Gambetta (Oxford),
Herbert Gintis (UMass), Russell Hardin (NYU), Shaun Nichols (U.
Arizona), Edna Ullmann-Margalit (Tel-Aviv)

Scientific Committee: Cristina Bicchieri, Jason Alexander, Jason Dana,
Diego Gambetta.

Since 1998 the Urrutia Elejalde has annually organized a Summer School
on frontier topics between philosophy, economics and other social
sciences, bringing together scholars from all these fields to explore
them. The aim of this year Summer School is to introduce participants to
the vast research that is taking place in the area of social norms.
>From philosophy and psychology to evolutionary game theory and
experimental economics, recent work on social norms is shedding light on
why and under what circumstances people engage in pro-social behavior,
and how norms may emerge, stabilize or decay.

We encourage submission of papers that cover one or more of the above
areas. The scientific committe will consider a number of submissions by
young scholars at graduate or postgraduate level. The Foundation will
cover the registration fees and accomodation expenses of the authors.

Please send a 2000 words pdf abstract to David Teira (dteira [at] before Jan 31st 2008. A decision will be made by March 15th.

For further information on the School, visit:

Benoit Hardy-Vallee said...

yes, but I was too late to send it on time...