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What to do with a PhD outside academia?

That is the question every academic researcher faces one day or another . Having myself started to think about my career (that is, maybe finding one day a job, and not just a grant/postdoc/fellowship/adjunct/part-time/lecturer/etc.) I wanted to share with you, dear readers, a couple of links that might be useful.

First I shall recommend the book on this topic:

Now the links (note that many valuable information comes from the Chronicle of Higher Education and University Affairs). Also, most of the tips you might need for resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc., can be easily found by using as a search engine (e.g. hit "resume writing tips" in, and you should have pretty much everything you need. For corporate careers, I suggest you look at and (they publish great career/job books)

Non-academic transition (for PhD in general)
Non-academic careers for Philosophers