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Utilitarianism and the Brain

an interesting debate about the interpretation of neuroscientific results: (from the X-Phi Blog):

Guy Kahane and Nicholas Shackel have a new paper out in Nature that criticizes recent neuroscientific work on moral judgment and utilitarian bias.  One of their stalking horses is a paper by Koenigs et al. that also appeared recently in Nature.  The original Koenigs et al. paper can be found here and their reply to the Kahane and Shackel piece can be found here

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Anibal said...

One of my perplexities about the "moral neurosciences" (the study of the neural basis of our moral judgement)is how well we can fit the diverse extent of moral systems that have appeared over time in human history and cultures.
In other words, among the many moral doctrines that exist (e.g. deontologism, virtue ethics, utilitarianism...) which one is better to be mapped out in our mind/brain structure.