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Oxytocin and Sociality

Oxytocin is really the sociality hormone. It is involved in recognition (Popik et al., 1992) and postcoital bonding (Waldherr & Neumann, 2007). It improves mindreading in autistic (Hollander et al., 2006) and non-autistic humans (Domes et al., 2007b). It increases trust (Kosfeld et al., 2005; Zak et al., 2005) and generosity (Stanton et al., 2007). It was generally thought that its modus operandi is a modulation of amygdala (associated with fear) (Kirsch et al., 2005), but a new paper by (Domes et al., 2007a) suggests that it attenuates amygdala responses tout court.

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